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Nick and I (Kayli) met at the beginning of 2010 and quickly fell in love.  We married in 2012 and just a short year later, our son, Jameson was born the summer of 2013. He quickly became the center of both our lives and has helped complete our family of redheads.

The Ginger Cuts name is simple - We are all redheads and we cut things! (not hair). Ginger Cuts started as a vinyl decal side hustle. It quickly grew from just decals to custom signs, decor and more. The decision was easy when it came time to purchase the laser cutter.  Our business hasn't looked back since as it has helped reduce cost and pass on those savings to our growing customer base.

Being in the customer service business, we understand that customers want a reliable, handmade and heartfelt product.  You can find that at Ginger Cuts.  We take passion in bringing your ideas, our creativity and bringing it to life.  We know that you will be happy when you receive your gift, as well as the recipient of the gift.

You might have wondered now - "where have these guys been?". Our son has grown so big, is an outstanding student and is loving his now sport of jiu jitsu. I was a stay-at-home-mother and kept the wheels running while Nick was at work and Jameson was at school. Nick moved up in the corporate ladder rather quickly at his job and couldn't manage both his 9-5 and the 5-9 without it taking a toll on all of us. Something just had to give - and it was Ginger Cuts. During our break - we were able to grow and connect in ways that we weren't able to before, but now that we have had some time to reflect and think about the things we missed while running this business, the success we know that we can have, the example we want to set for our son, and the stage we want to set for ourselves when we are older  - we have decide to open up operations again!

We look forward to this next chapter in our lives and all the lessons we learned the first time around - we have already implemented change this time around.  We are excited to be doing this again, not for ourselves, but for our whole family, friends, and our customers! THANK YOU!

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